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To operate all Food & Beverage services/outlets to the agreed standards ensuring total guest satisfaction.  To meet and improve upon all agreed financial targets within the department.  To ensure Food and Beverage staff are managed and developed to the agreed standards.  To be responsible for food hygiene and Health & Safety standards within the department


1.         To be overall responsible for all aspects of Health and Safety within the operations. To actively promote a safe working environment on a day to day basis.


2.         To ensure that all staff and management are trained and comply with the standards in personal and food hygiene and these are at all times consistent and to the hotel’s set standards.


3.         To ensure that the Department’s monthly hygiene audits are regularly completed and checked and that Food and Beverage management audit is completed each month with feedback to the relevant Head of Department.


4.         To ensure that all relevant staff are at times fully trained in Food Hygiene legislation and to keep up to date records of attendees. To ensure all products are stored in the correct environment.


5.         To be committed to continually improving the operational effectiveness of all relevant outlets, in conjunction with the department heads.


6.         To ensure that costs are contained to within the budget, in proportion to sales.


7.         To continually investigate areas of improvement for sales within the outlets and be actively involved in all promotional activities. To be fully committed to achieving a sales growth, in line with the budget.


8.         To continually monitor all staff head counts, ensuring that at all times they stay within the budgeted guidelines. To ensure that all staffing levels are continually checked and adjusted in accordance with current business levels.


9.         To be confident in negotiating the best deals / prices with all beverage suppliers, ensuring the end result is for the benefit of the hotel.


10.        To ensure that all financial control systems are to the standard agreed with the General Manager and carried out and acted upon at all times.


11.        To discuss all stock differences with the General Manager, Food and Beverage Controller and the heads of department. To immediately act upon any discrepancies that may occur.


12.        To ensure that all the heads of departments are aware and constantly updated on their current and cumulative results, as compared with budget and previous years, in conjunction with the Resident Manager.


13.        To participate in preparation of department’s forecast / budgets, ensuring that cost and replacement budgets are kept within the agreed budget perimeters at all times.


14.        To spot check food and liquor stock takes on a regular basis.


15.        To check all allowances / voids and investigate any discrepancies.


16.        To be fully committed to developing good working relationships with the department heads, ensuring that they are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities and are able to approach for help and advice at any time.


17.        To identify needs and plan the development and training of all heads of departments, in conjunction with the Head of Human Resources and General Manager.


18.        To assist in the regular monitoring of labour turnover and absenteeism within the outlets.


19.        To oversee the running of the operations on a day to day basis and ensure Food and Beverage Management cover where appropriate.


20.        To be fully conversant with the hotel’s IT system and assist in any changes or updates that may occur, ensuring all the heads of departments are fully briefed at all times. 


21.        To be responsible for all liquor purchasing for the operations, ensuring that the best possible deals/ prices are to the benefit of the hotel. To assist with wine tasting and selecting and be constantly aware of trends. To ensure that stock holding levels are kept in line.



22.        To be fully committed to undertaking regular evaluations within the outlets, as arranged by the General Manager and in conjunction with the Head of Human Resources. To take any relevant action towards all operational problems identified through the evaluations, ensuring consistency of the standards are maintained at all times and high standards in customer service.


23.        To be aware of all local competition pertaining to the Food and Beverage Operations.


24.        To assist with the planning of sales activities in the Food and Beverage outlets to further increase sales whilst maintaining profitability levels.