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Responsible for all the hotel's computer resources and equipment, their correct use and efficient running. Provide users with technical experience and co-ordinate Systems activities with all other departments, ensuring problem-free operation that gets the most out of the hotel's investment in computer equipment


Developing Expertise:

Keeps abreast of newest trends, tools, systems, software, CCTV and any other systems of the Hotel.


Thinking & Planning:

Takes a proactive approach in maximizing the efficiency of the department assuring the standards of quality are as expected.

Plans with time in advance all the required actions, tools and manning in order to guarantee a smooth operation of the department


Communicating Expectations:

Is a valid communicator via email and also verbally with the guests, associates, including managers, as well as with the concerned authorities. Is able to prepare admin documents and memorandums to be sent to all the team members in a correct English and with detailed information.


Structuring Tasks:

Ensure that all the hotel's computer systems operate uninterrupted with a minimum or absence of errors, without no difficulties in response times and according to specifications, ensuring system integration and continuity of operations in all departments that use computer systems.


Analyse hardware and software problems and identify the appropriate course of action to correct deficiencies, operating errors and irregularities.


In co-ordination with heads of department, design, document and implement new information treatment procedures that allow departments to operate more efficiently or provide better service for guests.


Review all systems-related contracts and supervise activities of contracts that provide equipment maintenance at the hotel.


Establish and document procedures to ensure that back-up copies are made and emergency recovery plans are in order to maintain the database in the event of system failures or emergencies.


Develop and implement training programmes to increase user knowledge in handling systems and to promote their use.


Investigate and define needs for authorised hotel and user systems.


Recommend new acquisitions, following MHI procedures and recommendations. Install and test new programmes before requesting approval

and final implementation, to ensure they operate correctly and meet their objectives.


Provide assistance to user departments, establishing priorities based on the workflow, and recommend procedural changes by analysing processes to ensure work programmes are adhered to.


Keep up to date with the changes and improvements made to the systems and       co-ordinate with one's immediate superior and external suppliers when installing any improvements and updates for both hardware and software. Ensure all company policies and procedures are adhered to, as well as all local and international legal requirements.


Responsible of all the systems of the property, including front and back of the house as well as any other systems required for the operation of the hotel.


Carry out all instructions and tasks assigned by the position’s immediate superior, as well as any other responsibilities required by the role.