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  1. Collaborate with procurement staff to list expected deliveries.
  2. Receive shipments and sign paperwork upon receipt.
  3. Unload packages from incoming trucks.
  4. Inspect contents to ensure they are undamaged.
  5. Verify packages according to order and invoices (quantity, quality, price etc.).
  6. Contact supplier or shipper if a mistake is identified.
  7. Assume responsibility for returning unsatisfactory shipments or receiving replacements.
  8. Label deliveries and allocate them to their designated place.
  9. Ensure invoices are signed and paid for satisfactory deliveries.
  10. Maintain accurate records and assist in inventory control.
  11. Enter all internal goods movements into the computer system daily.
  12. Issue of goods to the different areas of the hotel, as per request verifying that all of them are properly authorized.
  13. Ensure tidiness and cleanliness in her/his area of responsibility.

Carry out all instructions and tasks assigned by the position’s immediate superior, as well as any other responsibilities as required by the role.