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The Training and Development Manager is responsible for creating and encouraging the necessary conditions for staff training and development, based on detecting the existing needs in each department, and developing and implementing a training and development programme to ensure that the hotel is staffed by employees qualified to work in the organisation's various roles, assuring that all the associates know the ME Brand Philosophy and its values and that they are able to transfer them to the internal and external customers.


Developing Expertise:

Keeps abreast of newest trends and innovations in the industry and training and development field.

Maintains an awareness of competitor training and development strategy and best practices.


Thinking & Planning:

Takes a proactive approach in training and development, detecting specific needs of training and developing the talent of all the associates.

Understands the changing needs of the business and develops customized trainings and development plans to meet both short term and long term needs


Communicating Expectations:

Sets realistic, measurable training and development strategies, objectives and goals  to be achieved.

Provides the hotel team with regular updates on hotel performance related to training and development, communicates and encourages the team to be on a permanent improvement mode to exceed the customer satisfaction.


Structuring Tasks:

Determines training needs with area managers and department heads, analysing indicators such as productivity, complaints, observation of staff on duty, rotation and absenteeism, as well as feedback from previous courses and training programmes.

Prepares the annual training programme and its budget for authorisation by the role's immediate superior.

Implements and co-ordinate the various training courses scheduled, ensuring that they run smoothly to achieve the objectives established.

Developes and impart general instruction courses, training demonstrations as duties are being performed, skill-building workshops and proficiency-raising techniques for departmental heads, including lesson preparation, proficiency objectives, and follow-up and assessment of the training programmes given.

Evaluates the effectiveness of the training given, analysing indicators and developing methods to verify and assess the direct and indirect outlays and costs relating to the programmes.

Prepares and update all documentation on training activities, records, attendance figures and individual results, and provide information on managers and departmental heads as regards employee participation and evaluation.

Establishes agreements and follow up local, national and foreign education institutions to source university students to carry out projects in the various areas of the hotel.

Identifies personnel inside the organisation with special skills and knowledge for training and incorporate them into the programme.

Co-ordinates and be responsible for internal communications to provide hotel staff with accurate, timely and relevant information to develop a sense of belonging and teamwork, and for collaborators to adopt the company's mission, objectives and values as their own.

Implements, carries out and co-ordinates the staff integration plan, which forms the induction process for the hotel and the position.

Together with the Human Resources Director, prepares and co-ordinates the programme of performance objectives and assessments, giving advice and feedback to departmental heads.

Promotes and directs the opportunities for development individually, in groups and during work, mainly for base personnel and middle managers. In some cases the role may include responsibility for developing personnel from among the executive management team. 

Develops and updates training materials and tools, such as course documentation, agendas, leaflets, manuals, written exercises and audio-visual support.

Ensures the quality, quantity and relevance of the training services contracted. Keep up to date and informed about advances in training in the hotel industry, including attendance at major external courses, seminars and conferences. 

Co-ordinates all training activities within the organisation, including those initiated with other departments.

Prepares and provides, during the orientation and induction to the staff members, a full training of the rules and regulations of the staff accommodation.

Carries out all instructions and tasks assigned by the position’s immediate superior, as well as any other responsibilities required by the role.


Leading the Team:

Drives the ME brand values and philosophy.


Leads and develops in conjunction with the Heads of Departments, training strategies to make sure each and every staff member has the ME Brand in its DNA


Building Relationships:

Builds effective working relationships with the hotel’s leadership team and Melia corporate office.

Partners with the group human resources team to maximise the impact of the training and development activities at the hotel


Focusing on Quality:

Tracks key business indicators to determine the effectiveness of current systems and processes and identify areas for improvement.


Achieving Results:

Focuses on producing results through encouraging high achievement within the Team.