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  • Executes the correct performance of Brand Standards & Procedures.
  • Delivers an upbeat vibe and maintains an excellent level of positivism, contributing to a good work climate. 
  • Assists in the daily Energize ME pre-shift meetings together with the team where the Brands mission, philosophy and values are highlighted, daily operational issues are discussed and the Energize ME document is studied. 
  • Communicates any novelties via a shift log book and ensures to follow up on necessary items.
  • Has the finest knowledge of all hotel services such as the opening hours, product and details of every outlet.
  • Defends the image of both the property and Brand at all times.
  • Is a prime example of exceptional and personalised service, is proactive, shows initiative and constantly demonstrates team work with other departments.     
  • Works as part of a team to accomplish a unified goal.



  • Is aware of all operational information.
  • Is fully knowledgeable of the daily results and events in the hotel (Occupancy, average room rate, groups and conventions in house, VIPs, Market Metrix results).
  • Responsible of handing assigned work in on time, ensuring high quality and excellence.
  • Maintains a constant and fluid communication with the Sales Department for group coordination.
  • Implements and updates department standards and procedures with the supervision of the Aura Manager.



  • Has optimum knowledge of the brand, understands and appreciates its mission, lives and breathes its culture and is a welcomer of its Aura.  Expresses enthusiasm, energy and positive vibes within the organisation and always acts according to company ethics and values.
  • Is able to review public areas and ensure the perfect Aura at all times from clear guidance and training from the Aura Manager.
  • Is in constant movement around the hotel and creates the ultimate connection with the guest and the property.
  • Is a perfectionist of personal image and always immaculately presented.
  • Is a Lifestyle Manager and a leader of Guest Relations
  • Is a prime example of accomplishing all standards and procedures in all areas, even outside his / her department.


Culture & Events

  • Has a constant up to date data base of the coolest establishments in the city, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, concert arenas, shops etc.  Is a lover of cultural events and always in the know of the latest happenings.  This information and knowledge is utilised when dealing with guests in order to provide the most exclusive and professional service at all times. VIPs are given the most elite recommendations and obtained the most exclusive reservations by Hosts.

  Assists in gathering information and images from all social events in the hotel for publication in                 social networks.

Guest Service

  • Coordinates the requirements of VIPs on a daily basis (Pre-arrival emails, VIP reports, personalised room assignment according to guest preferences from reservation comments and pre-arrival email responses, room inspections, personalised room preparation, amenities, welcome letters, welcome gifts, room escorts, follow up during stay, goodbye emails, post stay follow up etc).
  • Checks in VIPs with ipads, ensuring a personalised and attentive experience, dedicating time to each individual and guaranteeing the ultimate connection. 
  • Provides 24 personalised service to A lister celebrities when in house and coordinates all actions and requirements with the Entertainment Manager.
  • Is in constant contact with guests in order to know their level of satisfaction at all times. Is a provider of personalised service and goes beyond limits to ensure that expectations are surpassed.    
  • Creates authentic experiences, socialises with guests in the lobby, bar, restaurant and other public areas.
  • Ensures guest loyalty by observing and supervising the level of customer service given by the team.
  • Acts upon guest feedback to continually improve experiences.
  • Is able to deal with guest complaints according to the customer complaint S&P.
  • Greets both internal and external clients with a welcoming smile expressing genuine warmth at all times
  • Ensures to obtain new MAS Members.
  • Supervises and takes part in the development of a detailed VIP data base in Opera.
  • Suggests Black Deep Members from the VIP data base together with the Aura Manager to then be approved by the DOM, HM and GM
  • Ensures that all standards which aid to create a unique guest experience are continually carried out giving positive results in service audits.
  • Receives Quality results from the Aura Manager (guest comments, Mystery Guest audits, Review Pro evolution, and Trip Advisor progress etc). Suggests actions for continuous improvement with the aim of ensuring a unique and positive guest experience every time.
  • Assists the Aura Manager in responding to Trip Advisor Web comments and responding to guest feedback.

Personal qualities


  • Responsible
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Passionate



  • Hotel experience in a similar post such as Concierge or Guest Relations is highly valued.

Knowledge & Personality

  • Dominates Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).
  • Has excellent knowledge of ‘Lifestyle’ establishments and culture.
  • Always in the know of new trends, fashions, art and culture
  • Has customer service know-how and thrives on creating unique experiences
  • Has an outgoing and unique personality
  • Is creative


  • English: Mother tongue or 100% fluent
  • Further languages are highly valued

Requirements of the position

  • Is able to adapt their working schedule according to the demands of the hotel.
  • Able to physically move around the hotel constantly.

Organised and able to react quickly, improvising accordingly