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The Head Chef supports the Executive Chef AND Executive Sous Chef in all operational aspects of the business. He/ She is being responsible for carrying out the Executive Chef’s requests and orders, on all day to day operations of the restaurant, production, staff, and brand quality. 


Duties and Responsibilities


• Executing and carrying the Executive Chef’s requests and orders without questioning.

• Ability to execute all positions on the line and help line staff when they get behind.

• Execute and oversee the production of all menu items.

• Complete understanding of work safety and emergency procedures.

• Expedite orders correctly and efficiently to ensure smooth kitchen flow.

• Fully understand the importance of and have the ability to utilize standard recipe cards and plating guides.

• Ensuring all reach-ins and walk-ins are locked.

• Perform line checks to include temperature checks of all refrigeration, rotation and dating of all foods,

proper prep(taste), freshness and specials completed for the nights service.

• Assisting with creation and execution of daily specials.

• Implement closing duties for the runners, stewards, line/pantry cooks and ensure all duties are being


• Ensure all foods are up to our quality and standards, all specials are current with the seasons and

trends, coach and train the staff to THE ONE GROUP brand of food.

• Possess good financial acumen and English skills for calculating, communicating, writing requisitions/ completing

food inventories and for retrieving information as needed.

• Work closely with staff to ensure that their respective jobs are being executed as per company


• Ensure 5 star standards for kitchen cleanliness and follow all Health Department Guidelines to ensure

proper food handling from the beginning to the end when the food is leaving the kitchen.

• Attend all weekly management meetings and corporate meetings that are scheduled. Hold monthly

mandatory kitchen meetings and address all issues that arise.

• Assisting the chefs and coordinating with the purchaser with ordering on a daily basis.

• Assisting the chefs with the scheduling on a weekly basis.

• Prevent breakage by monitoring kitchen crew.

• Inspire and motivate kitchen staff.  


Financial Responsibility


. Assisting and monitoring daily labor and food cost reporting sheets to ensure costs are trending .within budgeted parameters.

. Assisting reviewing monthly profit and loss statement and acts on all variances.

. Helps ensure all overtime is authorized 






. Minimum 4 years professional hospitality leadership experience in a similar environment

. Fully understand the purpose of and have the ability to produce all Mother Sauces, all stocks and

have the ability to utilize them to make any other needed sauce.

. Competent in fabricating all meat, fish and poultry.

. Understand the differences and uses of all herbs and types of seasonings.

. Intermediate to Advance Knowledge of Pastries or equivalent

. Knowledge and the ability to produce various ethnicities of foods

. Excellent product identification knowledge in produce, meats, fish, herbs, grains and equipment.

. Understand, and have the ability to train, on all basic cooking methods: braising, poaching,

roasting, steaming, sauté, grilling, blanching.

. Excellent knife skills, ability to cut all vegetables and fruits in all utilized cuts and have the ability to train and monitor others..

. Management certified according to state UK health department criteria