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Reports to:


Manages the following departments:





  • Ensuring the operational needs are being dealt with efficiently and in a professional manner and that all work is undertaken in compliance with all Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Overseeing daily operations, ensuring employee productivity, monitoring efficiency of all processes and creating a positive work environment for employees.
  • Management of night manning levels according to hotel demands and coordinating team schedules and vacation plans in accordance with Front of house manager.
  • Supervision of the team members, ensuring the teams carry out the appropriate Brand Standards & Procedures within their department and on a hotel level.
  • Communicates all necessary guest feedback with and from the team and tracks complaints via the DM log and shift log, ensuring the correct follow up is actioned.

  • To maintain a high standard of appearance at all times, personally and within the team, ensuring all uniforms are clean and well presented, in accordance with the ME Success Guide.
  • To take a full and accurate handover from the previous shift ensuring that all necessary follow-up is recorded and actioned.
  • Becomes a prime example of exceptional and personalised service, being proactive, showing initiative and constantly demonstrating team work with other departments.    




  • To carry out the night accounting function and night reception duties in the hotel to the highest possible standards required by hotel.
  • To complete the End of Days procedure of Opera in the absence of night manager.
  • To prepare night audit, reception handover report and reports for management.
  • As Night Duty manager, to prepare for guest’s arrival, greet VIP guests on arrival and departure and provide a visual management presence.
  • To give immediate attention to guest complaints, taking necessary remedial actions.

  • Liaising closely with Aura Manager/ Guest Experience Managers to ensure handovers are complete and accurate.
  • Assisting the Front Office Manager with the running of the front office department when necessary including working on the reception desk, assisting concierge, assisting with departmental meetings and assisting with any sort of communication between teams.
  • Leading the team in the absence of the head of departments, dealing with challenging situations.
  • Daily briefings are held with each shift. Bi-weekly attendance of morning meetings and evening meetings is required.
  • Support the rate strategy set by the Revenue team, maximize sales and revenue for the hotel, foster a culture of upselling alongside Front of House team, promotion F&B outlets and other services.
  • Ensure that equipment and supplies are ordered and maintained.
  • Is fully knowledgeable of the daily results and events in the hotel (Occupancy, average room rate, TripAdvisor ranking, reviews, groups in house, Media, Influencers and other VIPs)
  • Is flexible to cover daily shifts when required.
  • Delivering key assigned tasks in on time, ensuring high quality and excellence.
  • Supports other management in implementations of ideas and any possible or necessary updates within the department and/ or procedures.
  • Perform duty manager shifts on rotational basis including the day-to-day running of the hotel and running the hotel on the weekend in the absence of the General Manager.




  • Ensures guest loyalty by observing and supervising the level of customer service given by the team in all departments and is responsible of correcting any inappropriate actions immediately

  • Ensuring that service is personable and memorable, that guests needs are anticipated and requests are followed up. Building relationships and loyalty with guests ensuring they want to return to the hotel.
  • Takes active part in the development of a detailed database in Opera (profile notes, preferences etc.)
  • All guest, employees and visitor need to be greeted and offered assistance in a polite, friendly and appropriate manner.
  • Is in constant contact with guests in order to know their level of satisfaction at all times.
  • Manage and resolve all guest satisfaction complaints within the Hotel during their shift.
  • Respond promptly to the service needs of the guests, employees and visitors.
  • Constantly reviews public areas during the night shift, ensuring that the Aura is always perfect via the correct music, volume, lighting, decoration, temperature and ambience.
  • Is in constant movement around the hotel during the shift, creating an ultimate connection with the guest and the property.







  • Promoting the Hotel imagine at all times.
  • Creates periodic reports for General Management and Corporate positions when required.

  • Ensures that all goals and objectives established by the General Manager are accomplished, and sets personal goals to better these results i.e. Quality results, Stay Safe with Melia.
  • Ensures to obtain new Melia Rewards Members.
  • Promoting loyalty by connecting with guests and being their point of contact not only during their stay but after they leave.
  • Responsible for all tasks assigned by the General Manager as required to represent the brand spirit, pillars, vision and mission



  • Analysing financial information to assist decision making
  • Forecasting potential revenues and costs
  • Controlling costs without compromising standards
  • Communicating relevant financial information to the team
  • Analysing and explaining any financial variance against plan
  • Ensure all controls are in place as per Melia Hotels International standards and followed by the team
  • To ensure that the Department is operated on an efficient and commercial basis and that all efforts are made to improve financial efficiency, where possible.
  • To ensure that all costs are contained to within the budget, in proportion to sales.
  • To be aware of the department current and cumulative results, as compared with budget and previous years and where possible with Industry trends.
  • To be responsible for the compilation on time of departmental forecasts/budgets, ensuring set targets/guidelines are achieved.
  • To be involved in short and long term financial planning with regard to personnel budget, other expenses and capital expenditures.

  • To closely control all labour and payroll costs and to monitor overtime expenditure ensuring that these resources are fully utilised and accounted for, maintaining all payroll ratios to sales.
  • To make certain that the hotel credit procedures are carried out and strictly adhered to at all times, and that all records are accurate and up to date.
  • To be fully conversant with all Hotel accounting procedures including the use of all computer systems, their capabilities being fully exhausted and ensure compliance of the above at all times
  • Ensure to be fully up to date with regulations concerning GDPR and ensure the personal data of guests, clients, employees and other stakeholders are treated and stored appropriately, in accordance with GDPR law and regulations and Melia Hotels International standards.



  • Understand and follow relevant H&S legislation and the implications on the operation of the department.
  • To ensure all team members within the assigned departments are aware of and observe all security, health and safety regulations.

  • To act in accordance with the fire instructions in the event of a fire, and to ensure that all members of team members have a thorough working knowledge of these instructions.
  • To be overall responsible for all aspects of Health and Safety within assigned departments. To actively promote a safe working environment on a day-to-day basis.
  • To attend statutory training as and when required and ensure operations are made aware and comply with any changes to legislation that may occur.  To be represented on the Health & Safety Committee, and be aware of all relevant legislation.
  • To ensure that all staff are fully trained and comply with “Stay Safe with Melia” regulations and that due diligence is displayed with regard to work practices.



  • Responsible
  • Innovative
  • Problem solver
  • Able to develop personnel
  • An eye for interior décor and design
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Leader
  • Influential
  • Strong eye for detail




  • Dominates Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).
  • Confident with Opera/PMS



  • English: Mother tongue or fluent
  • Further languages are highly valued depending on location

  • Spanish is an advantage


  • The position requires a minimum of three years’ experience in hotels in a similar role such as Duty Manager, Guest Relations Manager, preferably within luxury 5-star hotel
  • The candidate must have experience in dealing with guests and their demands



  • Is able to adapt their working schedule according to the demands of the hotel.
  • Able to physically move around the hotel constantly.
  • Organised and able to react quickly, improvising accordingly.