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At MELIA DESERT PALM DUBAI, we put our soul and our passion into everything we do, how we present ourselves and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues. We use our initiative and always find the best way to solve a problem either for a guest or a colleague. We work as a team to deliver the highest quality of service on all occasions. We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests. We treat guests and colleagues with dignity and respect. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. And we are proud to represent our hotel and our country to the guests from all over the world.


We are looking for a Bar Supervisor.




To serve the needs of the business, our guest and our colleagues by prompt and courteous service delivery as a Hospitality Ambassador for the hotel.


All members of Food & Beverage Department are responsible for ensuring that visitors are delighted by the quality, creativity and variety of our food and beverage offerings. Within that, the waiter/waitress is one of the most important position for influencing guest satisfaction by extending service in a profesional, friendly, courteous, efficient and timely manner.




Greet guests pleasantly as they approach the bar; promote house drinks and utilize up-selling skills whenever possible to maximize revenues.

Prepare beverages requested by guests. Adhere to established pouring standards and drink recipes to provide a consistent product to the guests and to control costs. Make appropriate service recovery gestures according to established guidelines in order to ensure total guest satisfaction.

Monitor guest behavior and guest alcohol consumption to determine when alcohol service to the guest should cease; notify management of incidents involving excessive alcohol consumption or impaired condition of customers; check identification whenever the age of a guest requesting an alcoholic beverage service is questionable.

• ​​​​​​​Set up bar including all liquor, mixers, ice, garnishes, glassware and supplies. Perform pre and post-shift side-work (empty/fill ice-bins, prepare garnishments, replenish/store snacks, etc.).

• ​​​​​​​Inspect bar daily for cleanliness and attractiveness and inspect all equipment and machinery for proper operation

• ​​​​​​​Train, maintain and enforce MELIA DESERT PALM RESORT & HOTEL Service Standards

• ​​​​​​​Gather and implement all proper tools for running shifts (i.e. schedules, floor plans, reservations, checks)

• ​​​​​​​Find solutions for problems such as call outs, last minute bookings, or any other daily problems that may arise.

• ​​​​​​​Be on the floor during entire meal period and ensure adequate coverage

• ​​​​​​​Ensure that only a quality product is being served

• ​​​​​​​Manage an effective repair and maintenance program through the use of work orders, inspections, etc.

• ​​​​​​​Assist any colleague in his/her job performance, when required, to ensure guest satisfaction. Assist in implementing an effective training program.

• ​​​​​​​Encourage problem solving by colleagues through proper training and empowerment, to ensure guest satisfaction.

• ​​​​​​​Identify and recommend incentive programs, new ideas, and methods of operation

• ​​​​​​​Ensure the security and proper storage of liquor, bar inventory and equipment

• ​​​​​​​Ensure the security of monies, credit and financial transactions (obtain, count and secure bartender’s bank; receive cash and credit payments from guests; give accurate change and balance cash drawer at end of shift)

• ​​​​​​​Order and/or replenish/requisition supplies, inventory, uniforms, etc. in a timely and efficient manner

• ​​​​​​​Minimize waste and breakage of glassware and supplies. Inventory of unused liquor and beverages.

• ​​​​​​​Schedule employees to ensure proper coverage. Communicate and enforce policies and procedures

• ​​​​​​​Monitor performance and recommend disciplinary or other human resources-related actions in accordance with company rules and policies.

• ​​​​​​​Ensure all colleagues are properly trained, and certified as required, and have the tools and equipment needed to effectively carry out their job functions.

• ​​​​​​​Promote teamwork and quality service through daily communication and coordination with other departments.

• ​​​​​​​Take part in the briefings held at the beginning of each shift to receive information on colleague absences, VIPs, groups, events, general comments and to exchange opinions.

• ​​​​​​​Offer a consistently warm, professional welcome and farewell to guests and clients on their arrival at and departure from the catering area, maintaining impeccable posture and presentation at all times.

• ​​​​​​​Greet clients politely and tell them one's name, informing them that you will be in charge of serving them.

• ​​​​​​​Mix drinks according to recipes.

• ​​​​​​​Check identification of customers, to ensure that they are of legal drinking age.

• ​​​​​​​Clean bars, tables, and work areas.

• ​​​​​​​Maintains bar stock in accordance with established standards.

• ​​​​​​​Take drinks orders accurately, checking requests with clients to prevent confusion. Offer specialities, wine service and make drink suggestions to increase sales.

• ​​​​​​​Serve drinks as soon as they are ready. Any drinks that are not to the client's satisfaction should be removed immediately. If it is a simple matter, return the drink to the bar. If it is a more important issue, inform the supervisor immediately.

• ​​​​​​​Take care when carrying prepared orders to avoid accidents and to meet safety standards at all times.

• ​​​​​​​Have the bill ready when requested and strictly follow set procedures for collecting payment for bar bills, depending on the method of payment.

• ​​​​​​​Attend departmental meetings and participate in training programmes for the role on an ongoing basis.

• ​​​​​​​Perform other duties as assigned.




• At least 1-3 years experience on the same role.
• Excellent communication skills in English. Fluency in any other language is preferable.
• Passion for delivering exceptional levels of guest service.
• A warm personality, attentive and presentable.