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Respect all service standards and develop the quality of service within the bar. Establish activity schedules in accordance with the hotel occupancy and optimize the management of both operational and staff costs.
Contribute to the loyalty and the development of the customers by valuing commercial offers and punctual offers.


- Ensure good customer support
- Offer an attentive service adapted to the client's constraints
- Listen to the client and meet their expectations by being a strong proposition
- Know how to create an atmosphere (presentation, music, ...)
- Take over in the case of customer complaint management
- Communicates with his team on customer quality feedback


- Adapt its organization and its workforce according to the activity
- Avoid wastage and loss of raw materials
- Respect the internal control procedures
- Participate in food inventories and drinks
- Establish material tracking inventories and establish purchase orders
- Ensure the supply, setting up and service of the bar
- Develop the motivation and commitment of the team
- Integrate, train and promote the development of the skills of its employees
- Ensure the good presentation and hygiene of the teams
- Communicates daily by briefings before and after service
- Make sure of the knowledge of the offer of the staff bar
- Give the barman culture to the teams and develop their commercial sense
- Realize and check the invoicing and collection operations
- Organize and control the work of the team
- Elaboration of cocktails and detailed datasheets
- Organize implementations according to activity forecasts
- Take into account the activity to manage customer flows
- Perfect knowledge of catering offer
- Find new products and be proactive in setting up


- Be proactive and advise the client
- To develop the turnover thanks to the techniques of additional sale
- Make live the commercial action plan into the service
- To be force of proposal for setting up of commercial offer punctual


- Ensure the cleanliness of the workplace and food safety 
- Comply with the instructions for use of the equipment made available
- Respect of the cleaning procedures of the various tools used for the service
- Report the temperatures of equipment or products on the documents provided for this purpose