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MISSION: Responsible for operations in the hotel bars and restaurants.

Directly coordinates and supervises the implementation of the standard beverages defined by Hotel Services in their hotel.



  • Responsible for the implementation in the hotel of the company F&B strategy, rules and procedures (products, orders, service standards, SOPs).
  • Responsible for the implementation in the hotel, of projects, programmes and tools based on the new company F&B scenario
  • Responsible for compliance with the F&B standards defined by Hotel Services in the hotel and implementation of the F&B offer in the area, ensuring consistent service, high quality in procedures and compliance with presentation formats and service.
  • Ensures that all the teams in the different outlets are aware of the company F&B procedures.
  • Responsible for communicating operational needs, tools, product improvements and qualities to the F&B Director/Manager of the Operations Centre
  • Identifies and proposes process improvements to optimise efficiency in bars and restaurants to the F&B Director/Manager of the Operations Centre
  • Participates in the hotel’s monthly review meetings, providing updated results from the F&B area
  • Participates in follow-up meetings for service order to ensure events occur as planned.


  • Works with the F&B Director/Manager of the Operations Center to prepare the annual budgets for bars and restaurants, providing all the information required.
  • Responsible for the daily operational P&L (short term), monitoring costs and revenue every day.
  • Responsible for managing direct costs in the business unit (within the defined framework) for both beverages and personnel costs (shifts, recruitment, work environment, etc.)
  • Verifies the correct allocation of costs in USALI, controls budget compliance and inventory, reviews departmental costs and monitors compliance with corporate administration and procurement policies.
  • Monitors departmental KPIs: raw material costs, staff, order tracking, staff (productivity, ratios in breakfast room, bar, restaurant, events), Reviewpro and Mystery Guest


  • Analyses hotel needs and requests F&B investments for the Annual Investment Plan
  • Prepares the investment budget taking into account needs for new equipment to ensure quality and productivity in the following year.


  • Tracks comments in social media and Review Pro and supervises the definition and implementation of action plans when necessary
  • Together with the Sales and Operations Departments, participates in the pricing and product strategy for events, meetings and congresses.


  • Responsible for the optimisation of staffing levels, ensuring the hotel has an appropriate number of employees based on occupancy and expected covers to be served.
  • Assists in the planning and communication of shift rosters to employees (and the Company Works Committee) and vacations
  • Controls compliance with the work roster, breaks, vacations and staff absences.
  • Responsible for the training of teams in operational procedures.
  • Monitors team members individually (performance evaluation, training, accompaniment).
  • Monitors development plans together with HR for people with potential
  • Responsible for detecting the needs of new recruits and selection processes.
  • Monitors contract terminations, category changes, contract changes, retirements and interns.
  • Ensures the appropriate presentation of their staff.
  • Responsible for the workplace environment in bars and restaurants and the development of action plans


  • Responsible for the implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and SSWM (Stay Safe With Melia) protocols and for monitoring customer satisfaction.


  • Responsible for service operations: monitoring orders based on service requirements (breakfast services, covers, service orders) in the hotel
  • Responsible for team planning and communicating orders
  • Responds to complaints and provides support if there are any incidents.
  • Monitors daily operations (pre and post-arrival).
  • Responsible for controlling consumption and placing new bar and restaurant orders in good time.
  • Supervises the delivery of the orders made.



  • Analyses the expected services (breakfasts, restaurant dinner covers, room service and events) with the staff in charge of the outlet on a weekly/bi-weekly basis
  • Ensures orders are made sufficiently in advance.
  • Controls the beverages area and the adaptation of the service based on customer requirements to maximise results
  • Confirms the staffing levels for each service (wait staff ratios)
  • Leads the definition and implementation of action plans and corrective measures



  • Holds regular meetings to review the services for upcoming events with the departments involved (Sales, Kitchen, Reception)
  • Coordinates events with the Kitchen and Restaurant Departments
  • Analyses cost/revenue ratios
  • Makes the orders required
  • Reviews events with their team once they are completed: discrepancies, possible improvements
  • Good level in english
  • Good knowledge of OPERA and MICROS
  • 2 years of experience minimum