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The Aura Manager is responsible of creating an experience that goes beyond accommodation through the three way connection between the guest, the property and the employee. Overall responsibility to ensure the ME by Melia promise is delivered. Overseas the synergy of all vital elements, being a physical representation of the ME Brand, becoming a character who people aspire to be.


Developing Expertise:

Keeps abreast of newest trends, cultural events, quality tools, art and all the related ingredients of the ME Brand in order to provide the expected experience to the stakeholders.


Thinking & Planning:

Takes a proactive approach in maximizing the efficiency of the department assuring the standards of quality to go beyond the guests expectations.


Plans with time in advance all the required actions, tools and manning in order to guarantee a smooth operation of the department.


Communicating Expectations:

Is a valid communicator via email and also verbally with the guests, associates, including managers, as well as with the concerned authorities. Is able to prepare admin documents and memorandums to be sent to all the team members in a correct English and with detailed information.


Transmits a positively contagious vibe to each individual.


Maintains morale, motivation and brand spirit within the team.


Sets the tone, creates the ambience and brings together the vibe via the clever combination of sensorial architecture.


Structuring Tasks:


  • Responsible of selecting, recruiting and training his / her team members.  Responsible of contracting the adequate number of personnel according to hotel demands and coordinating team schedules and vacation plans.
  • Responsible of supervising his / her team members, ensuring the correct implementation of Brand Standards & Procedures within the department and on a hotel level.
  • Is disciplined, impartial and responsible in order to suggest contract terminations when necessary.
  • Participates in the creation, implementation and follow up of a development plan for team members who aspire to grow professionally and adapt their extra responsibilities within the organisation accordingly.

        Responsible of establishing an upbeat vibe within the work place and

  • maintaining an excellent level of positivism to ensure a good work climate.  Action plans should be implemented to guarantee a motivated and encouraged team.
  • Responsible of evaluating the development of team members and carrying out one to one interviews as established by the company.  The Aura Experience Manager coaches and counsels team members and becomes a true leader within the team.
  • Responsible of leading the daily Energize ME pre-shit meetings with his / her team ensuring to communicate the Brands mission, philosophy and values within the property.
  • Responsible of communicating all novelties via a shift change book and ensuring to follow up on necessary items.
  • Ensures the correct and sufficient training of PMS Opera with his / her team.
  • Has the finest knowledge of all hotel services such as the opening hours, product and details of every outlet.
  • Responsible of transmitting all information regarding events and activities that affect the operation of the hotel.
  • Participates in the induction and training of new staff members and Management, transmitting the importance of the Aura, the music, the vibe, the feel, the philosophy and the values of the Brand.
  • Defends the image of the property and Brand at all times.
  • Shows recognition to team members of good work when carried out.
  • Responsible of becoming a prime example of exceptional and personalised service, being proactive, showing initiative and constantly demonstrating team work with other departments.    
  • Works as part of a team to accomplish a unified goal.

         Leads and drives monthly department meetings, ensuring an open and clear communication and good vibe within the team.



  • Has optimum knowledge, understands, lives and breathes the mission, culture and spirit of the Brand.  Expresses enthusiasm, energy and positive vibes within the organisation. Always acts according to company ethics and values.
  • Greets both internal and external clients with a welcoming smile expressing genuine warmth at all times.
  • Can notify all operational information to both General Management and other departments at all times.
  • Responsible of complying with local legislations in all areas and departments.  Supports the implementation of all political programs even when executed by other departments. 
  • Is responsible of his / her own professional development and takes his / her own initiative to learn the functionality of other departments within the hotel.

           Participates in the evening Manager on Duty Programme.

  • Participates in the weekend Manager on Duty Programme. 
  • Is fully knowledgeable of the daily situation in the hotel (Occupancy, average room rate, groups and conventions in house, VIPs).
  • Analyses, investigates and deals with guest complaints together with the Front Office Manager.
  • Supervises the activities of his / her departments via the daily check lists.
  • Responsible of handing assigned work in on time, ensuring high quality and excellence.
  • Responsible of filing all reports required by the company.
  • Is in constant contact with guests in order to know their level of satisfaction at all times.
  • Creates authentic experiences, socialises with guests in the lobby, bar, restaurant and other public areas.
  • Ensures guest loyalty by observing and supervising the level of customer service given by the team and is responsible of correcting any inappropriate actions immediately.
  • Acts upon guest feedback to continually improve experiences.
  • Ensures that all standards that aid to create a unique guest experience are continually carried out giving positive results in service audits.
  • Responsible of constantly reviewing public areas, ensuring that the Aura is always perfect via the correct music, volume, lighting, decoration, temperature and ambience.
  • Works together with Food & Beverage to achieve the perfect synchronisation via the music system within the entire hotel.
  • Creates, develops and ensures that all procedures and systems are correctly carried out to facilitate the daily operation of the Aura Experience team, VIP programme and ME for You telephone service.
  • Coordinates the requirements of VIPs on a daily basis (VIP reports, room inspections, amenities, welcome letters, welcome gifts, room escorts etc).
  • Develops a data base of VIP and regular guests with their profile preferences in Opera to create unforgettable experiences every time.
  • Responsible of ensuring a constant and fluid communication with the Sales Department for group coordination.
  • Creates the annual special events and promotion plan together with Sales & Marketing.
  • Is responsible of communicating all social events to the European and American Community Managers for publication in social networks.
  • Should be knowledgeable of local cultural events in the city in order to offer guests a wide selection of enriching activities.

        Has a constant up to date base of the coolest establishments in the city, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, concert arenas, shops etc.


Benefits / Budget

Implements and updates department standards and procedures

  • Responsible of being a prime example of accomplishing all standards and procedures in all areas, even outside his / her department.
  • In charge of setting the annual budget for the Aura Experience Department, ensuring to review results and expenditure continually and justifying any controversial actions.
  • Analyse Quality results, guest comments, Mystery Guest audits, Review Pro evolution, and Trip Advisor progress. Creates, implements and reviews action plans for continuous improvement with the aim of ensuring a unique and positive guest experience every time.
  • Creates periodic reports for General Management and Corporate positions when required.
  • Ensures that all goals and objectives established by the General Manager are accomplished, and sets personal goals to better these results.
  • Ensures to obtain new MAS Members.
  • Maintains a low staff turnover rate and high moral level within the team.
  • Participates in local events and creates new projects that aid to increase the promotion of the hotel.  Ensures to be proactive, taking part in local actions, cultural events and becomes a recognised member of the team within the local environment.
  • Participates in environmentally friendly and energy saving actions in aid of supporting the Brands ‘Green’ certificate.

            Participates in local social actions and ensures to communicate the maximum in social networks