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Area:  Engineering

Ho Chi Minh, VN

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We are looking for Technical Services Senior Specialist (based at Ho Chi Minh Corporate Office)



Provide technical advice to expansion projects in the geographical area under his responsibility, facilitating their approval and subsequently ensuring the inclusion of our brand standards. This includes operational efficiency across different building areas, optimal functioning of facilities, energy and water savings, and accessibility for new projects. Once the Technical Services Agreement (TSA) is signed, technical assistance is given during planning, design, construction, furniture, and equipment selection, as well as hotel reception and commissioning.


Main responsibilities:

Elaboration of Design and Construction Manuals and Technical Feasibility Reports (TFR) for each of MHI’s brands
    Create the initial format for the documents for each brand.
    Collaborate with the relevant departments and areas within MHI to complete and coordinate the documents.
    Present the final documents for approval.
    Maintain the documents up to date.
    Clarify doubts, correct, translate, and expand on any issues related to the documents that may arise.
Technical Assistance to the Expansion Department during the phases of hotel acquisition and negotiation
    Analyze the preliminary designs and proposals presented by the Expansion Department.
    Present the projects to Brand Integrity, Brand Ambassadors, and the brand-specific stakeholders within the Hotels department.
    Propose design alternatives and explain them to designers and property owners.
    Coordinate with various departments at MHI to review the preliminary designs within their respective areas of expertise.
    Provide brand specifications.
Technical Assistance during the project phase of the hotel establishment
    Study the design documents for the execution of construction, installations, and decoration to verify compliance with MHI standards.
    Present the design and construction guidelines for MHI’s different brands to the property owner.
    Act as an intermediary between MHI and the property’s technical team.
    Provide recommendations for improvement and alternative approaches to the project based on the company’s know-how.
    Contribute brand specifications.
Technical assistance during the construction or refurbishment phase of the hotel establishment
    Inspection of the model room to validate finishes and construction details.    
    Inspection of public areas (lobby, restaurant, common spaces) to validate finishes, furniture, and equipment. 
    Inspection of auxiliary and service areas (utility rooms, storage spaces) to validate finishes and equipment. 
    Coordinating and assisting in all agreed-upon site visits and inspections between MHI and the property owner.         

Work or refurbishment completion
    Inspect the hotel once it is completed to verify general quality standards and hotel functionality.
    Prepare a list of defects and corrections to be addressed during the warranty period.
    Verify the delivery of Operations and Maintenance manuals.
    Provide assistance and coordination during the hotel reception and ensure a smooth handover to the Pre-Opening Department.
Organize and Monitor MHI Fees for the Provision of These Services
    Prepare a payment schedule and its amounts.
    Verify that the corresponding invoices are issued in a timely manner and with the correct amount.
    Monitor invoice payments.
    Clarify doubts, mediate, and manage communications between MHI and the owners.    


Main requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar role in the International Hospitality industry
  • Fluent English & Vietnamese (Speaking & Writing)
  • A high energy level and a passion for achieving results
  • Strong Leadership skills in managing teams to drive for results


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We promote our commitment to equality and diversity, avoiding any kind of dicrimination, especially related to reasons of disability, race, religion, gender, or age. We believe that diversity and inclusion among our employees are essential for our success as a global company.


Additionally, we support the sustainable growth of our industry through a socially responsible team. In this sense, our motto is "Towards a sustainable future, from a responsible present". Thanks to al our collaborators, we make it possible. 


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