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Specialty Chef (Chinese Chef) - Gran Melia Jakarta

Area:  Food & Beverage

Jakarta Raya, ID

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We are looking for the Specialty Chef (Chinese Chef) - Gran Melia Jakarta



The Specialty Chef (Chinese Chef) Responsible for both the efficiency of their team members, as well as the quality, preparation and presentation of the food produced in the assigned kitchen, through close supervision in all aspects of the process, in addition to their initiative in the creativity, composition, seasoning and presentation of the same to ensure the satisfaction of our guests and customers, obtaining their recognition and preference.


Main responsibilities:

1.    Report directly to the Executive Chef
2.    your responsibilities would encompass various aspects of Chinese Food preparation and kitchen management
3.    Contribute to the creation and refinement of the Chinese Food menu.
4.    Introduce new and innovative Chinese Food dishes while maintaining traditional flavors.
5.    Develop and standardize recipes for various Chinese Food items.
6.    Ensure consistency in taste, texture, and appearance by following standardized procedures.
7.    Source and select high-quality ingredients for Chinese Food preparation.
8.    Monitor and manage ingredient inventory to prevent shortages or wastage.
9.    Prepare and assemble a variety of Chinese Food dishes and other specialties.
10.    Oversee the cooking process, whether steaming, frying, or other methods, to ensure optimal results.
11.    Maintain high standards for the quality and presentation of Chinese Food 
12.    Conduct regular tastings to ensure that the flavors meet expectations.
13.    Manage the kitchen efficiently, organizing workflow to meet demand during peak hours.
14.    Train and supervise kitchen staff, including junior chefs and assistants.
15.    Foster creativity in the kitchen by experimenting with flavors and presentation.
16.    Stay informed about culinary trends and incorporate new ideas into Chinese Food offerings.
17.    Adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards in the kitchen.
18.    Ensure that the kitchen team follows proper food handling and sanitation practices.
19.    Continuously refine and improve Chinese Food recipes and techniques.
20.    Work collaboratively with other kitchen staff to coordinate and execute Chinese Food orders.
21.    Foster a positive and efficient working environment within the kitchen.
22.    Effectively manage time to meet service deadlines and maintain a smooth kitchen operation.
23.    Being a Chinese Chef requires a combination of culinary skill, creativity, leadership, and attention to detail. 


Main requirements:

•    Minimum 2 years working experience in the luxury hotel industry.
•    Proactive communication skills.
•    Possess a friendly, energetic, and outgoing personality.
•    Sophisticated manners and sense of elegance
•    Strong Team Player.
•    Able to work concentrated and effectively under pressure.
•    Must possess the ability to coordinate multiple tasks.
•    Excellent Mandarin, English and Indonesian communication skills 
•    Possess a high degree of stamina, agility, and flexibility.
•    Customer Oriented
•    Self-motivated and high interest in self-development
•    Open for Expatriate
•    A formal education in culinary arts from a recognized culinary school is beneficial.
•    experience in a professional kitchen, specialty in Chinese Food
•    Specific experience in making various Chinese Food is highly valued. 
•    Knife Skills
•    possess creativity to innovate and create visually appealing and delicious Chinese Food dishes. 
•    Attention to detail 
•    A solid understanding of Chinese ingredients, spices, and flavours is necessary to create authentic and flavorful Chinese Food dishes.
•    food safety and hygiene standards


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