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HR Manager - ME LISBON

Área:  Recursos humanos

Lisboa, PT


“The world is yours with Meliá” 


Joining Meliá is to embark on a journey without borders because the possibilities of growing and training here are endless. It is knowing that the world is yours and that you can work in many countries. And all with the feeling that you are part of a big family. 


It means knowing that you have started one of the most exciting journeys of your life, a journey in which inspiration will always accompany you. Do you dare to be the owner of your professional career in an inspiring world? 😉🌟


MISSION: Implement and manage the HR function in the hotel in line with the competencies of their position and applying company people management policies, processes and tools, always focused on guaranteeing a positive experience for employees and candidates during the different stages of the employee life cycle





Ø Attends to people external to the business unit regarding requests for information or other requirements (associations, masters, temp agencies, etc.).

Ø Provides personalised attention to HoDs or staff (concerns, doubts, delivery of recommendation letters, references, coaching, company information, etc.)

Ø Provides feedback to colleagues from other hotels about former employees.

Ø Performs regular inspections of the status of personnel areas using a checklist to be delivered to the HR Manager and GM and also monitors improvement

Ø Holds one-to-one conversations to get to know team members, their aspirations, conflicts, areas of need, concerns, etc. and provide feedback.

Ø Constantly monitors hotel staff to be aware of their performance level, training needs, skills development, areas for improvement, possible changes in functions/promotions, etc.

Ø Together with the GM, guides and advises HODs with regard to their team management

Ø Supports their hierarchical superior in the dismissal of operations managers and general staff.

Ø Responsible for the Hotel Services teams posted to the work centres with regard to all matters related to their physical presence in the workplace (safety, risk prevention, time control, food support).

Ø Negotiates local agreements in coordination with HRHS.

Ø Attends social networking events at HR institutional forums in the area/country.

Ø Stays up to date with market trends and performs benchmarks against other companies in the compset.



Ø Implements and promotes Employer Branding campaigns in their hotel after coordinating with the HR Hotel Services (HRHS) area. Ensures authorisations for image rights are in place according to applicable legislation.

Ø Identifies new local schools to arrange internships directly and also attends related events. Prepares and participates in student hotel visits, promoting experiential events and the participation of HoDs in their presentation to strengthen our employer brand.

Ø Identifies the needs of interns in their hotels in coordination with Hotel Services (key schools) and keeps the database connected with HRHS up to date to guarantee coordination and validate the finalists.

Ø Together with the HoDs, ensures appropriate experiences for interns, monitoring their performance and carrying out the final evaluation.

Ø Makes requests to cover vacancies for HoDs and general staff and is responsible for the publication (internal and external) of vacancies and screening candidates following the policies and procedures defined by HRHS. Recruit & Selects HoDs for the hotel together with the GM.

Ø Promotes greater visibility of job offers through their publication on the social media profiles of other employees and HoDs.

Ø Provides support in coordinating personnel transfers between the hotel and other company hotels

Ø Contact person for recruiters from other OCs, exchanging CVs and information about candidates while ensuring rigour and confidentiality. Functional alignment with the Recruitment Centre Manager or HRHS

Ø Identifies available talent and highlights opportunities for employees, ensuring that talented employees have opportunities in other OCs/hotels

Ø Directly or indirectly ensure that there are photos or videos of memorable moments for the hotel teams so that they can be appreciated and shared through Meliá Careers.

Ø Implements actions in the hotel related to Marketing Campaigns launched from HRHS. (E.g. World Environment Day, etc).

Ø Monitors recruitment KPIs


Ø Identifies and organises legislative training and other in-person training programmes, coordinating all the documentation required to obtain applicable subsidies

Ø Collects information on training needs and sends feedback to HRHS for consideration in the preparation of the annual training budget.

Ø Promotes the use of E-melia and ensures compliance with mandatory training schedules.

Ø Implements the hotel annual training plan and coordinates invitations, documentation, organisation and other needs to ensure their success.

Ø Ensures correct communication with Employees/Service Leaders/Heads of Department prior to their arrival together with their hierarchical superior. Ensures that all onboarding processes are correctly implemented (welcome emails, pre-arrival, welcome kit, E-melia training, identification of the Meliá Buddy).

Ø Organises induction sessions for new employees, coordinating with the teams their attendance and regular performance.

Ø Implements hotel development plans, with a special focus on Heads and Assistant Heads of Department.

Ø Leads the training actions required to ensure the training of employees and HoDs. Transfers specific training needs to HRHS for their design or adaptation.

Ø Leads the identification process of internal talent of the hotels according to guidelines, tools and defined campaigns.

Ø Talent mapping: ensures the regular entry of data into the database

Ø Monitor L&D KPIs


Ø Organises and coordinates the assessment of the work environment, communicating results to all staff and implementing/monitoring the corresponding action plans.

Ø Monitors the process of evaluating the performance of their group and accompanies employees in learning how to use tools and systems.

Ø Ensures the correct process in continuous improvement training activities. Monitors the implementation of action plans.

Ø Coordinates annual planning and supports the HoDs in the management of employee welfare: work environment, team building, communication processes, activities etc.

Ø Launches the defined actions and campaigns focused on Recognition

Ø Ensures the implementation of the current corporate identity model in their area of responsibility following the guidelines of the Culture area.

Ø Monitors Culture KPIs


Ø Familiar with Meliá Home and its functionalities, encourages awareness and use of the portal by all employees.

Ø Updates information boards with the most relevant internal and external information in the area

Ø Organises and attends the monthly “Melia Let’s Talk” sessions with the hotel management

Ø Leads & ensures the implementation of the communication plan in the hotel: briefings, departmental meetings, assemblies etc., providing support in their planning.


Ø Delivers PPE, documentation and information on risks and preventative measures to new employees, ensuring everything is correctly registered and filed

Ø Plans, manages and coordinates all preventative training programmes with an external company and their correct registration and filing.

Ø Manages the planning of risk assessments, carrying out safety inspections in the different departments and helping carry out internal and external audits on matters related to the prevention of occupational risks. Coordinates with the departments the preventative measures that have to be implemented.

Ø Calls ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the health and safety committee. Ensures appointments to the emergency team are kept up to date and that the self-protection plan is appropriately monitored.

Ø Ensures accident investigations are carried out. Follows up on any measures required.

Ø Ensures the hotel complies with obligations regarding prevention: updating the Prevention Plan, chemical product safety sheets, preventative documentation for contractors and subcontractors, organisation of drills and maintenance of first-aid kits throughout the hotel


Ø Applies the staffing ratios and staffing guide defined for their hotel, making proposals for their review when operational needs change.

Ø Makes requests in the system for the addition of new positions and substitutions.

Ø Knows, applies and adapts Job Description to local realities for use in HR processes.

Ø Together with the GM, implements the work organisation measures in the guidelines defined for the hotel

Ø Knows and applies the criteria in the Company’s catalogue of Physical and Digital Resources associated with the position.


Ø Makes salary proposals for new employees and salary increase proposals together with the Director of Operations to the HR Partner.

Ø Implements and supports the annual salary review process together with hotel management, using the tool required and defining objectives

Ø Carries out the annual Variable Remuneration process, ensuring the correct definition of objectives, evaluation and payment following the applicable guidelines.

Ø Applies the benefits plan for each position according to the model defined by HRHS

Ø Detects and coordinates the addition of benefit programmes in their area together with the C&B department


Ø Knows the organisational structure of the business, the criteria for classifying functions and their hierarchy, the relationship between the organisational model and the financial model, and the relationship between the different organisational objects and their impact on Company processes. Passes this knowledge on to their PA teams

Ø Knows and independently manages HR analytical tools

Ø Responsible for the correct structural assignment of employees under their responsibility

Ø Sponsors the digitalisation of HR/PA processes, and promotes change management.


Ø Familiar with national employment legislation and applies the pertinent Collective Bargaining Agreement for their province/country. Coordinates any doubts with

Labour Relations/external office regarding the daily questions and requests from employees about employment issues.

Ø Implements investigations of any employee disputes according to local legislation and following Labour Relations guidelines.

Ø Under the guidance of Labour Relations/external office, attends all inspections and summons, gathering and preparing any requested documentation.

Ø Following the indications of Labour Relations, completes all the documents and letters required for the termination of employment contracts, disciplinary measures, leaves of absence, etc.

Ø Processes documentation for judicial matters, inspections, social security issues, administrative claims, labour audits etc.

Ø Works with Labour Relations to collect documentation and data for workforce restructuring processes, ensuring appropriate communication with employees and the implementation of the corresponding measures

Ø Contact person for the Works Committee in the Work Centre and complies with the corresponding obligations: attendance at regular meetings with the management, coordinating union elections in the hotel, providing mandatory information, etc. Reports the composition of the hotel committee and holding of union elections to Labour Relations, involving them in any consultations and any extraordinary issues that may arise in meetings.

Ø Coordinates and ensures, together with the HoDs, the correct registration of the daily working hours for employees according to local legislation and the control systems available in the work centres


Ø Carries out / supervises the two monthly rolling forecasts analyzing the social cost for the rest of the year in their hotel

Ø Knows and executes the budget guidelines that apply in your workplace, monitoring budget deviations.

Ø Analyzes or makes the annual social cost budget for next year.

Ø Ensures correct contractual management in their work centers, complying with established policies and local legislation.

Ø Ensures the correct registration of information for the calculation of payroll, and settlements, registration of absences and contingents.


Ø Participate in the preparation of their department's budget according to the set guidelines.

Ø Follow up on the defined budget, ensure compliance with it, and report any deviations that may occur within the department to the Business Partner. Participate in the definition of the necessary corrective measures to minimise negative impacts and monitor them together with the Business Partner.

Ø Participate in the preparation of projections by providing information on their department.

Ø Analyse the reason for deviations, participate in the definition of corrective actions and promote the implementation of corrective actions within their department.

Ø Periodically, analyse the P&L of their department, review all departmental revenues and expenses, seek to maximise results and identify opportunities for improvement with the support of the Business Partner.

Ø They are aware of the hotel’s economic results, as well as the impact of their department on them. Convey detailed information to their team.

Ø To ensure the fulfilment of their department’s economic goals while being aware of the hotel’s economic goals, as well as their fulfilment. Convey information to their team, clearly.

Ø They are responsible for all orders, both for the purchase of materials and for the contracting of services, for their department, as well as for placing and confirming them in accordance with the established procedure.

Ø Control and monitoring of their area’s Operational PAI, respecting the timings set by the company.

Ø Ensure compliance with the applicable regulations in the daily processes of their department, which affect the department's performance and internal control.

Ø Collaborate on departmental review points during audits and establish action plans to address the reported issues.

Ø Analyse and solve possible incidents that may arise within the department, which are reported through the cash and production control that is carried out daily by the administration department or MHI


What are we looking for? 

  • Minimum 2/3 years of experience in the role 
  • High Level of English and Portuguese will be a plus 
  • Degree in Psychology, Labour Relations, Law or similar, with a specialty in HR
  • Knowledge of both the Soft & Hard areas of HR (recruitment and selection, development and training, labour relations, work environment, employer & personal branding).
  • Knowledge of SuccessFactor, MyPlace or SAP is a plus 
  • Knowledge of Employment Platforms (LinkedIn, Infojobs or those that apply to each country) is a plus.
  • Experience with workers committees.
  •  Knowledge of hotel operations
  • Strategic vision focused on the area.
  • ·Ability to manage teams and leadership.
  • Ability to implement projects




Because belonging to the great Meliá family is being VIP 


You will enjoy My MeliáRewards which is the exclusive loyalty programme for our employees with exclusive benefits and advantages. 


In addition, enjoy the My MeliáBenefits programme: with flexible remuneration, exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services, active and healthy lifestyles, and charitable initiatives. Be as proud to belong to Meliá as we are of you 😉 


At Meliá we are all VIP 🌟


Great professionals who make everyday life easier and exceptional. From the junior to the most senior, all of them have unique and important qualities that make working at Meliá an opportunity for constant growth and a passport to create your future wherever you want.  


Our warmth, proximity and passion for what we do make working at Meliá an unforgettable experience, full of emotional moments and always with the feeling that you belong to a big family where we have people like you, VIP People. 


We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, religion, age, or any other basis protected under federal, state, or local laws. We believe that diversity and inclusion among our teammates are critical to our success as a global company. 


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