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Chief Engineer - Melia Cam Ranh (pre - opening)

Area:  Engineering

Khanh Hoa, VN

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Responsible for the supervision of operations for the entire building, i.e. refrigeration, heating, plumbing, etc. Ensures that all projects are completed. Works closely with each of the craftsmen and meets with to management to discuss hotel operation. Checks daily log reports and maintains a flexible work schedule.


Main responsibilities:


•    Careful and selective hiring of staff members to guarantee a good working environment and a high level of achievement.
•    To be cost conscious and to keep energy cost as low as possible without creating discomfort to the guests.
•    Implementation and follow up preventive maintenance program in order not to have major repairs in the long term. •    To keep the Hotel in well-maintained conditions.

•    Upkeeping and follow up on policies and Procedures Manual

•    To supervise operations for the entire building, i.e. refrigeration, heating, plumbing, water treatment, reventive maintenance, hotel rooms, A/H units, ice machines, swimming pool, lighting, kitchen equipment, emergency generators, water softeners, switch rooms, roof exhausts, electrical substations, etc.
•    To ensure that all projects are completed according to the necessary specifications and are completed on time.
•    Checking the daily log reports from each of the craftsmen and to be familiar with the daily work and progress. To aid and instruct the craftsmen in scheduling work, ordering material and completing assignments by a specified date. 
•    Logbook layout as per Sol Melia standard. Logbook to be counter-signed by General Manager. 
•    Evaluating requisitions for purchase and to see if they are necessary. Purchase requests to be specified, detailed and reason for purchase.
•    Meetings with architects to discuss blueprints, to contact contractors submitting bids for new construction, and to meet with construction supervisors to discuss different phases of work. 
•    To implement preventive maintenance and repair schedule for all hotel machinery, equipment, civil works and other facilities. A complete list to be drawn up with date lines. 
•    To develop and implement solutions to day-to-day operating problems of Engineering; and major problems to be referred to General Manager. 
•    Preparing monthly utility consumption report containing information such as electric, fuel, steam and LPG consumption. Report to be submitted to Financial Controller and General Manager. 
•    To coordinate with outside electric utility company regarding the repair, maintenance, installation or fabrication of engineering works as well as electricity billing demand and other requirements. 
•    Responsible for operation maintenance and repair of all units of hotel equipment, including electricity, water, gas supply system, air conditioning, refrigerating, plant and systems, pumps, elevators, firefighting equipment, waste disposal system, etc. 
•    To provide desired comfort level to guests and reliable source of utilities for proper hotel operation.
•    Responsible for maintenance of buildings permanent structures, FF&E items, ground, swimming pools, and other facilities on the property. 
•    Monitor on a regular basis all planned maintenance activities, including monitoring of gauges and meters, lubrication of equipment, and monitor conditions affecting building security of causing potential fire hazards.
•    To monitor preparation and maintenance of proper procedure manuals of planned maintenance system and work schedules for areas of work under the jurisdiction of Engineering Department. Keep all relevant maintenance manuals securely. 
•    To arrange to keep adequate levels of supplies and parts relevant to maintenance requirements.
•    Responsible for keeping maintenance areas in clean and orderly conditions. Organize storage of spare parts and supplies in an orderly fashion and responsible for security of these items.
•    To direct subordinates and out-side contractors where necessary.
•    To coordinate work as necessary with other departments to minimize guest inconvenience, safety problem and operating expenses.
•    Preparation of proposed yearly budget for Engineering Department.
•    Critical evaluation of all work activities as a basis for developing more informative data for management decision making and to increase efficiency and/or reduce costs.
•    To maintain close relationship with concerned Government Departments and Fire Fighting Brigade. 
•    Periodical special studies on operating areas to reduce cost to improve methods and techniques or simplify work activities.
•    To maximize utilization of Engineering equipment and supplies.
•    To maintain a flexible work schedule to cover emergencies, new construction and remodeling.
•    Responsible for firefighting equipment's and periodical testing.
•    To set up and train an in-house firefighting team. Organization chart to be submitted to General Manager.
•    To liaise with the Human Resources Department to ensure that all employees are fully familiar with the Fire & Emergency Manual. 2-3 Firefighting exercises to take place a year.
•    To draw up an awareness program on Energy saving and recycling.
•    Close coordination with the Housekeeping Department and follow up on work orders and ROMA Program (Room Maintenance Program)
•    Follow on Banquet event orders regarding technical equipment requirement, lighting and air-conditioning.

•    To maintain a climate of trust and team spirit throughout the operation •    All staff in proper uniforms with nametags and correct grooming
•    To ensure staff are fully aware of employee's Handbook, "Knowing Your Product", booklet as well as Fire & Emergency Manual

•    Providing excellent self-discipline, gains respect from all and inspires good team work •    Leading by example
•    Staff to be kept at a constant high level of motivation.

•    To attain and follow up on any guest complaints.

•    Corrective actions to be taken immediately to prevent future recurrence of any guest complaints.
•    Guest suggestions have to be listened to and brought to the General Manager's attention.


Main requirements:

  • University or College Degree in Mechanical or Engineering 
  • Good level of English 
  • Hotel’s engineering system
  • 3 years in the same position in hotels of similar category and services.
  • 1 years in the same position in hotels of similar category and services.


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