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Área:  Dirección de hotel

Madrid, M, ES

“The world is yours with Meliá” 


Discover a boundless path at Meliá, where opportunities for growth and development are endless. Immerse yourself in a journey that will take you to work in various countries and to be part of our extensive global family 🚀


Discover some of the benefits we offer:


  • My MeliáRewards: Participate in our exclusive loyalty program, enjoying unique benefits and advantages.


  • My MeliáBenefits: Take advantage of flexible compensation and exclusive discounts on a wide variety of products and services, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.


Be proud to belong to Meliá as we are proud of you 😉 



The Executive Graduate Program is a program focused on recent graduates who want to start their professional career in hotel management. It's a program of development to be a hotel General Manager. This means that our aim, from the moment you enter is that you end up beign one. When you complete the program, you will be able to access a leadership position. 

During 18 months, you will live a unique experience, going through and developing yourself in the areas of Operations Management, Customer Experience, Hotel Management & Corporate Services. Your mentor will be the General Manager who will oversee your development and needs from the start. And additionally you will be assigned one tutor per learning module with whom you will have regular sessions to clarify doubts and resolver questions. 

We have positions around the world; Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Berlin & Tanzania. It's essential that you have international mobility. 


¿What are we looking for?

  • Education related to Tourism or hospitality management. Recent graduates or in the last course
  • High level of english. Spanish and other languages will be high valued
  • Previous experience in an internship in management will be high valued
  • Profiles with ease to make use of technological tools
  • Leadership and management skills. 
  • International mobility


At Meliá we are all VIP 🌟


Great professionals who make everyday life easier and exceptional. From the junior to the most senior, all of them have unique and important qualities that make working at Meliá an opportunity for constant growth and a passport to create your future wherever you want.  


Our warmth, proximity and passion for what we do make working at Meliá an unforgettable experience, full of emotional moments and always with the feeling that you belong to a big family where we have people like you, VIP People. 


At Meliá Hotels International, we are committed to equal opportunities between women and men in the workplace, with the commitment of management and the principles contained in Human Resources policies. We also prioritize disseminating throughout the entire staff a corporate culture committed to effective equality, and raising awareness about the need to act jointly and globally.


We promote our commitment to equality and diversity, avoiding any kind of dicrimination, especially related to reasons of disability, race, religion, gender, or age. We believe that diversity and inclusion among our employees are essential for our success as a global company.


Additionally, we support the sustainable growth of our industry through a socially responsible team. In this sense, our motto is "Towards a sustainable future, from a responsible present". Thanks to al our collaborators, we make it possible. 


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